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A Little About Our Proud History


Way back in 1907 the forerunner of Whangarei Golf Club was established. Called the Marsden Golf Club, it was set up between the Waiaohia stream and the western hills on a property owned by O.E. Weaver. Although those early pioneers "got weaving", so to speak, they were thwarted by wetness, wandering cows and belligerent bulls while the fashion in golf footwear were gumboots. The club shifted to Hunter and Wilson's sale yards in 1910. But this venue was also temporary and in 1916 Mt Denby, an area of 132 acres, was leased.

The official re-naming of the old Marsden name came about in 1917. The club today owes a debt of gratitude to frisky cattle which forced a move from the old sale yards. Yet the trials and tribulations associated with creating a really good golf course were still in the hand-wringing stage. The property at Mt Denby was a wilderness of gorse with the only semblance of a fairway being a paddock near that famous double Norfolk Pine which became the club's landmark. Perhaps its natural V for Victory sign stimulated the officials' continuing determination despite the fact that they still were required to host ten cows and two horses. But more land was brought into line as time went by until Mt Denby possessed twelve holes.

In 1930 a decision was made to proceed with an eighteen hole layout. Gradually a course emerged that became the pride of Northland in golfing circles. When you first drive in past the welcoming sign you will see no evidence of the almost 75 year war with nature. Instead you will enjoy a remarkably beautiful golf course with some very tight driving holes and some narrow approaches into superb greens.

Our History


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